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High Performance

Learn more about our
services and how to
contact one of our
specialists today

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High performance

The High Performance Department at Santé Universelle coaches athletes in the Outaouais Region so that they can develop the athletic skills required to excel in their sport. This coaching can be adapted for all people, whether they are very advanced, beginners, or enthusiasts. Our multidisciplinary team has the necessary expertise to help you achieve optimum results.

FC Gatineau training

Vertimax : is the world’s leading athletic training device to
maximize speed, vertical jump and overall athletic performance
from youth to Pro levels.

Because you already possess the talent

But talent can take you only so far if you don’t know how to harness it.

At Santé Universelle, our experienced professionals can take the talent you already possess and provide you with the tools you need to continue improving as you move up through the different levels of your sport.

Your success is our success

We’ll create a personalized goal-driven program specifically designed to help you improve your strength, power, speed and endurance so you can excel in your chosen sport.

Ready to take it to the next level?

Book an appointment today and get ready to become the best athlete you can be!

Our multidisciplinary team includes kinesiologists, sports therapists, physiotherapists, a nutritionist, a sports psychology professional, and massage therapists. They all have the required expertise to allow you to optimize results in a safe environment.

We are also partners with a number of the region’s sports organizations:

  • Conseil du Développement du Sport de Gatineau (CDSG)
  • All the Cégep de l’Outaouais’ sports teams, the Griffons
  • FC Gatineau, a PLSQ semi-professional soccer team
  • The Outaouais’ élite hockey teams (Peewee AAA-AA, Bantam AAA-AA and Midget Espoir)
  • Sport-study soccer at the Nicolas-Gatineau and de l’Île high schools
  • Nicolas-Gatineau Sport-study figure skating
  • The Cascades Civilian Volleyball Club
  • The Gatineau Soccer Association (ASG)
  • Heritage College sports teams

We offer various types of services:

Mise en forme

Physical fitness assessment

Measurement and interpretation of various physical fitness parameters. You will receive a complete report, including your body composition measurements, aerobic and muscular abilities, and your injury risks (Functional Movement Screen).

Multidisciplinary Coaching Package

We have created a package that is adapted to each individual’s specific needs. Our HP professionals will manage your file, which will allow for optimal coaching and help you achieve your full potential. This package includes an interdisciplinary follow-up with different health professionals, to optimize results.

Proximity Training

Individual training sessions with one of our professionals, who will plan your program, based on your needs, and will supervise and encourage you. You will reach your goals quickly and safely.

Training sessions in a small group, with 2 to 4 people per trainer. Your health professional will plan your program, based on your needs, and will supervise the group. You will be guided in the safe achievement of your goals.

Customized Training Program

A written training program will be provided in different stages, designed according to your needs and goals. After a private learning session, you will implement your program on your own, wherever you want, and your trainer will be available to answer your questions.

Team or Organization Training

Team physical preparation training. We will come to the team’s training location and provide full monitoring of all the physical factors of performance in your activity. We can also welcome a team at our facilities, depending on the number of athletes.

Conference, Information and Development Clinic

A theoretical or practical presentation on different health, physical fitness or performance subjects. This service is for organizations, businesses or sports teams. We will come to you, or you can come to us.

Specialized Courses

Cross-Training is a high-intensity training method that focuses on constantly varying exercises and functional movements. Each session is supervised by a certified specialist. These group training sessions allow for quick visible results, and the exercises are adapted to each individual’s physical fitness, so they are safe.

If you want to develop muscle or cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision, Cross-Training is what you need!

Weight-lifting (the basis for powerlifting) is a sport which deserves more attention. It develops strength, power, coordination, muscle balance, joint stability and is quite functional. It allows you to work out your upper and lower body in order to lift a weight to your shoulders, then above your head (shoulder throw), or directly overhead (snatch). Alternative versions of these moves will also be provided in this course.

  • Definition and feasibility assessment of your goals
  • Specific physical tests and assessment of your athletic abilities
  • Determination of a specific program based on your goals, your sport, and your physical fitness level
  • Access, by appointment, and supervision of each semi-private training session: never more than 4 people per health professional or trainer
  • Regular reassessments to evaluate your performance progress

In the event of injury, we will ensure that you have priority access to our Santé Universelle physiotherapy clinics: the sooner injuries are treated, the quicker you will recover.